What kind of person is an actor?

What kind of person is an actor?

The actor is also a mirror that reminds the audience of hope, warmth, and harsh reality. Those who are tired of their daily lives receive laughter and emotion from their works, and dream of the lives of actors living on stage for a while. I want to shout my story to the world, and I also imagine thrilling excitement on stage.

Actors’ performances also project reality. The audience reflects on the bitter reality through the actors. It is an opportunity to criticize and reflect on how I live and whether the society I live in is legitimate for me.

What is learning for the actors themselves? I asked actors Yoo Seong-ju, Lee Ki-seop, Kim Do-hyun, Shin Sung-min, and Choi Ho-joong what the actors meant to them standing on the stage.

Actor is one of the jobs. I’m just giving someone a little joy with this job.”

An actor is also a profession. Even those who play a special role in the eyes of the audience are for the actors themselves. Actor Yoo Seong-joo, who is starring in the play “Fighters,” answered the question of “What is an actor?” and said, “I don’t think actors are very different from other professions. I think it is one of many jobs. And actors can meet the countless jobs on stage. As an actor, he does not go on stage with a strong sense of mission. However, it is a job where actors can go to the end with fun.” However, the audience is getting more because they have no forced intention of delivering something great to others. The sincerity reflected in it is more valuable because it is silently faithful to the role of an actor.

Actor Lee Ki-sup of the musical ‘Gun Election’ also gave a similar answer. “Acting is just a job. Is there anything special? Like all occupations, it is an existence that can be of strength to someone. It’s rewarding, that you accidentally pass by and can be a joy to someone.” Actor Lee Ki-seop said that all jobs can be a strength to someone, but in fact, it’s not as great as the power the actor gives directly to the audience. The small joy they give has a big impact on the lives of the audience, but they accept it humbly.

“A life where you always strive for better things”

Actors can humbly accept their roles because they always have bigger dreams. Actor Lee Ki-sup said about the hardest part of his acting career, “As all actors do, we wait for the right time. Waiting for my highlight that I don’t know when I’ll come. Even if that time comes, you can’t catch it unless you’re always trying. You should always run at full speed as if you were running a hundred meters. But I can continue to do it because it’s fun for the actor.”

The actors always have a high ground like a dream. There’s always a place to go up, and there’s a lot to learn. Actor Choi Ho-joong of the musical “Goddess Is Watching” said, “The job of an actor is to learn.” You learn a lot from all the works and characters. Many people are always watching, so they receive silent feedback that they must constantly develop. That’s why I always try harder,” he said. Is there a more valuable life than trying to learn more and always thinking about development? Actor Shin Sung-min of the musical “Goddess Is Watching” was careful to even use the instruction to learn because there was still so much to learn. He said, “I don’t think I’m an actor yet. As an aspiring actor, an actor is a ‘dream’. It’s what you want to be. It is my greatest pleasure to communicate with the audience when I am on stage. I dream of greater communication,” he said.

“I want to convey my innocence to the audience”

Apart from the profession of actors, what can be given to the audience as a human being is their pure and free soul. Their lives in pursuit of innocence without being worn out by the times of the world are hope for others. Audiences get a glimpse of the clear world through actors and get hope that “the world is still worth living.”

Actor Kim Do-hyun, who is on the stage of the play “Gwanghae,” delivered this message with his first word. His first words were, “What is an actor? In a word, I am.It was (laughs). “Actor is a person who has to have the heart of Peter Pan regardless of the flow of the world. You should keep a pure heart even when you become an adult. But it’s not easy. My heart keeps growing into an adult. If you go into practice with an adult mind, it becomes difficult. When you are young, you should play like a naughty boy and live an actor life without greed with an open mind. When you are young, you don’t have a frame of mind, so you respond to small things with wide open eyes. However, as you become an adult, the door to accept becomes smaller as you gain experience. I want to give the audience a childlike heart. No matter how hard it is, I want to convey the innocence that makes me laugh.”

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