Co-commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Theatre-Rites, Z-Arts and the Ruhrtriennale Festival. Performed at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

Director Sue Buckmaster
Designer Simon Daw
Choreographer Jamaal Burkmar
Composer Frank Moon
Lighting Designer Mark Doubleday
Assistant Director Alexander Raptotasios
Assistant Designer Nina Patel-Grainger
Costume Supervisor Holly Henshaw
Puppet Makers Stitches and Glue, Naomi Oppenheim and Matt Hutchinson
Visual Artist Miriam Nabarro
Script Advisor Louise Wallwein

Photographs © Jonathan Keenan and Simon Daw

This is, no two ways about it, an astonishing piece of theatre: a kids’ show that handles immigration, both as lived experience and as bureaucratic system, with such nuance and sophistication that it teaches adults a thing or two as well
★★★★★ WhatsOnStage

Why can’t all interactive site-specific theatre be like The Welcoming Party?
British Theatre Guide

This is all pretty grown-up stuff, and is done with the rackety swagger and invention that we’ve come to expect from Theatre-Rites, a company making shows for children that is right at the forefront of contemporary British theatre practice
★★★★ The Guardian

Sometimes a theatrical idea and a venue come together in such a profound way as to add a whole new dimension to the piece in question. Such is the case with The Welcoming Party
Kids in Museums