HyeHwa University Road Play <500 to 30>

“The main characters who live like a family in a 500 to 30 studio villa. It’s a quarrel, but it’s a rare neighborhood in this era. There’s something wrong with them. The murder of the landlord. With everyone becoming suspects, can their relationship be beautiful to the end?

a suspense comedy that transcends genres


When I looked at the project, I thought it was a minor topic. The story of a small citizen living in a poor one-room villa that costs 500 and 30 won. Doesn’t it fit well with short stories or timely one-act dramas? It’s a concept like the old drama, “Moon of Seoul.” However, the difference between “murder case” was edge. In the play, the tension that constantly catches the eye is important, but the moment a murder occurs, the tension rises sharply.

The attractive point of this play is “Line” above all else. It’s a joke that’s constantly I laughed so hard the whole time because of all the ad-libs and buzzwords. It’s an amazing joke that makes you feel down when you’re serious.

Moreover, there was an unimaginable “twist” that I couldn’t help but be surprised until the end. Because of the nature of the play, it doesn’t have a detailed suspense plot like a well-organized mystery thriller. I didn’t have high expectations, but I think it was an unexpected and enjoyable stimulus because it was a good play.

a stormy event

After sitting in the theater and taking pictures, the two main actors suddenly came out. He greeted me, took a seat, and took a picture! That’s what I’m going to do. I took out my phone and started taking pictures!

Eventually, two local kids appeared and posed to lighten up the mood and take pictures. I was sitting on the left side of the audience, and he was in the complete opposite direction, so I zoomed in quickly.

They play many roles in the play. Especially the one with the yellow crown.

The role itself overwhelms the atmosphere in the play, but how natural you are! I always feel it, but the people who play are mysterious.

If you post your pictures on Instagram, you’ll get presents through a lottery. There are various other events. Before COVID-19 started, they shared tteokbokki. But I think the actors are more disappointed that they can’t do that because of the situation.

​a better play to watch together

Why is there a play in this current situation? I’m sure there were people who thought that. It was actually a performance that I was invited to watch through a blog. I applied because I wanted to see it right after my busy schedule, but I thought there was no popular play invitation from a blogger like me who is not as popular as I am, so I went alone. It’s hard to have dinner somewhere after COVID-19, right? When I was in college, I used to watch a lot of plays, and I went to see them alone, so I didn’t think it would be awkward.

It wasn’t awkward, but I think it would have been better if I watched it with someone 🙂

My prediction that it wouldn’t be a very popular piece was 70 percent off.

It’s a play that quite a lot of people will enjoy watching. The regular price of the ticket is 35000 won, but I think you can buy it cheaper on the reservation site. I think it’d be good to go watch it when you want to refresh yourself.

It’s been a while since I came out to Daehak-ro after the play, but I didn’t want to just go, so I went to a nearby cafe.

They gave me a ticket and a discount coupon for a nearby cafe, so I went there.

I came back home after controlling the aftertaste of the play with a cup of tea, wearing a mask and getting off.