Opera House Etiquette and clothing

It is basic to enter the opera house formally.

Casual clothes are okay, but most people wear dresses or suits.

There is an opera scene in 007 Quantum of Solace, and he almost wears that kind of outfit.

I watched it with my grandmothers in the same room, and they were dressed like they were in a movie.

Etiquette and clothing-

1. It’s basic to wear a suit. But since we’re tourists, let’s dress casually

2. Too light clothes such as sweatsuits, crocs, white sneakers, slippers, and shorts may be restricted from entering.

3. You can leave your clothes, so if the weather is cold, you can wear a padded jacket and leave it.(It’s a little hot indoors)

4. Let’s keep clapping after the performance. Until the actors come on stage and say hello (very long)

5. The opera claps at the end of the curtain

6. During the 근처 스크린골프장 performance, vibration is prohibited from taking pictures, so don’t turn on your cell phone because you’re curious about the time or Kakao Talk.

7. Let’s not move because there’s an empty seat in front of us.

8. Be careful not to cause noise (such as plastic bags)

– Unfortunately, there are no Korean subtitles.

There are English subtitles and Japanese subtitles.

If you reserved the concert, let’s read the plot of the concert and read the commentary.

It’s much better than just looking.

It’s good to print it out and read it before the show starts.

– You can see the performance well in an expensive place.

The second row on the second, third and fourth floors looks like more than half of the stage (the second row on the stage is not visible because of the wall) and you can see it standing up.

You have to listen to the sound and watch it with subtitles.

It’s better to see it on the 4th and 5th floors to see it cheaply.

You can buy tickets on the same day at a low price in line before the performance starts, but you have to wait about 2 hours.

After the performance, the actors come out one by one.

Half of the people on the first floor are leaving and half are giving a standing ovation.

I think we can take pictures then. Many people are taking pictures on the first floor.