What kind of person is an actor?

What kind of person is an actor?

The actor is also a mirror that reminds the audience of hope, warmth, and harsh reality. Those who are tired of their daily lives receive laughter and emotion from their works, and dream of the lives of actors living on stage for a while. I want to shout my story to the world, and I also imagine thrilling excitement on stage.

Actors’ performances also project reality. The audience reflects on the bitter reality through the actors. It is an opportunity to criticize and reflect on how I live and whether the society I live in is legitimate for me.

What is learning for the actors themselves? I asked actors Yoo Seong-ju, Lee Ki-seop, Kim Do-hyun, Shin Sung-min, and Choi Ho-joong what the actors meant to them standing on the stage.

Actor is one of the jobs. I’m just giving someone a little joy with this job.”

An actor is also a profession. Even those who play a special role in the eyes of the audience are for the actors themselves. Actor Yoo Seong-joo, who is starring in the play “Fighters,” answered the question of “What is an actor?” and said, “I don’t think actors are very different from other professions. I think it is one of many jobs. And actors can meet the countless jobs on stage. As an actor, he does not go on stage with a strong sense of mission. However, it is a job where actors can go to the end with fun.” However, the audience is getting more because they have no forced intention of delivering something great to others. The sincerity reflected in it is more valuable because it is silently faithful to the role of an actor.

Actor Lee Ki-sup of the musical ‘Gun Election’ also gave a similar answer. “Acting is just a job. Is there anything special? Like all occupations, it is an existence that can be of strength to someone. It’s rewarding, that you accidentally pass by and can be a joy to someone.” Actor Lee Ki-seop said that all jobs can be a strength to someone, but in fact, it’s not as great as the power the actor gives directly to the audience. The small joy they give has a big impact on the lives of the audience, but they accept it humbly.

“A life where you always strive for better things”

Actors can humbly accept their roles because they always have bigger dreams. Actor Lee Ki-sup said about the hardest part of his acting career, “As all actors do, we wait for the right time. Waiting for my highlight that I don’t know when I’ll come. Even if that time comes, you can’t catch it unless you’re always trying. You should always run at full speed as if you were running a hundred meters. But I can continue to do it because it’s fun for the actor.”

The actors always have a high ground like a dream. There’s always a place to go up, and there’s a lot to learn. Actor Choi Ho-joong of the musical “Goddess Is Watching” said, “The job of an actor is to learn.” You learn a lot from all the works and characters. Many people are always watching, so they receive silent feedback that they must constantly develop. That’s why I always try harder,” he said. Is there a more valuable life than trying to learn more and always thinking about development? Actor Shin Sung-min of the musical “Goddess Is Watching” was careful to even use the instruction to learn because there was still so much to learn. He said, “I don’t think I’m an actor yet. As an aspiring actor, an actor is a ‘dream’. It’s what you want to be. It is my greatest pleasure to communicate with the audience when I am on stage. I dream of greater communication,” he said.

“I want to convey my innocence to the audience”

Apart from the profession of actors, what can be given to the audience as a human being is their pure and free soul. Their lives in pursuit of innocence without being worn out by the times of the world are hope for others. Audiences get a glimpse of the clear world through actors and get hope that “the world is still worth living.”

Actor Kim Do-hyun, who is on the stage of the play “Gwanghae,” delivered this message with his first word. His first words were, “What is an actor? In a word, I am.It was (laughs). “Actor is a person who has to have the heart of Peter Pan regardless of the flow of the world. You should keep a pure heart even when you become an adult. But it’s not easy. My heart keeps growing into an adult. If you go into practice with an adult mind, it becomes difficult. When you are young, you should play like a naughty boy and live an actor life without greed with an open mind. When you are young, you don’t have a frame of mind, so you respond to small things with wide open eyes. However, as you become an adult, the door to accept becomes smaller as you gain experience. I want to give the audience a childlike heart. No matter how hard it is, I want to convey the innocence that makes me laugh.”


Hyehwa Busking Play

Performance information

Place of performance: Moon Night Theater

Performance period: August 28, 2020 (Fri) – ing

Running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Age of viewing: 13 years of age or older

Ticket price: KRW 15,900 for Naver reservation

Genre: Romantic Busking Music Play

Theater at Moon Night
B1F, 18-2 Daehak-ro 14-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Going in <Unplugged>

The location of the theater was easy to find at night. Close to Hyehwa Station!

I said my name at the mint booth and got the ticket

Tickets like photo cards for the actors performing today

I’ll go down to the basement

If you leave a review on SNS, you will get a prize through a lottery! Please keep that in mind

There were a lot of people waiting 10 minutes earlier

In other plays, actors talked to each other and had events before the performance, but this place starts to close at the time of the performance!

In conclusion, the actors were good at acting and singing, so it was fun and satisfying.

I’ll share my personal favorite points

Good point ❤️

🎸 Acoustic guitar playing & singing

The taste of actors’ acting + busking that makes your ears happy!

I recommend it to people who like music. ❤️👍🏻


The star who got 100,000 views (?) on YouTube at an unknown busking performance! Looking at the male protagonist walking along the same path, I thought that efforts do not betray me.

Seeing my brother who wanted to make his brother successful but couldn’t do anything for him in the end, I thought I should do it firmly without being swayed by people around me.

Unplugged festival that could not be done due to the heroine’s amnesia. In the end, Orange Sky’s friendship, which we wrote together on stage, was touching.

 Busking to promote

Uniquely, the last promotional comment was like buskingIt’s time to shoot, so I filmed a video As expected, busking concept properly

Conclusion: I really recommend it👍🏻

Unplugged Daehakro Theater

I went without much expectation, but I really enjoyed it.

It will be a comfort and support for those who choose a different path due to reality and those who are struggling at the crossroads.

I hope that many actors and plays that must have been hard due to COVID-19 will be known now.


HyeHwa University Road Play <500 to 30>

“The main characters who live like a family in a 500 to 30 studio villa. It’s a quarrel, but it’s a rare neighborhood in this era. There’s something wrong with them. The murder of the landlord. With everyone becoming suspects, can their relationship be beautiful to the end?

a suspense comedy that transcends genres


When I looked at the project, I thought it was a minor topic. The story of a small citizen living in a poor one-room villa that costs 500 and 30 won. Doesn’t it fit well with short stories or timely one-act dramas? It’s a concept like the old drama, “Moon of Seoul.” However, the difference between “murder case” was edge. In the play, the tension that constantly catches the eye is important, but the moment a murder occurs, the tension rises sharply.

The attractive point of this play is “Line” above all else. It’s a joke that’s constantly I laughed so hard the whole time because of all the ad-libs and buzzwords. It’s an amazing joke that makes you feel down when you’re serious.

Moreover, there was an unimaginable “twist” that I couldn’t help but be surprised until the end. Because of the nature of the play, it doesn’t have a detailed suspense plot like a well-organized mystery thriller. I didn’t have high expectations, but I think it was an unexpected and enjoyable stimulus because it was a good play.

a stormy event

After sitting in the theater and taking pictures, the two main actors suddenly came out. He greeted me, took a seat, and took a picture! That’s what I’m going to do. I took out my phone and started taking pictures!

Eventually, two local kids appeared and posed to lighten up the mood and take pictures. I was sitting on the left side of the audience, and he was in the complete opposite direction, so I zoomed in quickly.

They play many roles in the play. Especially the one with the yellow crown.

The role itself overwhelms the atmosphere in the play, but how natural you are! I always feel it, but the people who play are mysterious.

If you post your pictures on Instagram, you’ll get presents through a lottery. There are various other events. Before COVID-19 started, they shared tteokbokki. But I think the actors are more disappointed that they can’t do that because of the situation.

​a better play to watch together

Why is there a play in this current situation? I’m sure there were people who thought that. It was actually a performance that I was invited to watch through a blog. I applied because I wanted to see it right after my busy schedule, but I thought there was no popular play invitation from a blogger like me who is not as popular as I am, so I went alone. It’s hard to have dinner somewhere after COVID-19, right? When I was in college, I used to watch a lot of plays, and I went to see them alone, so I didn’t think it would be awkward.

It wasn’t awkward, but I think it would have been better if I watched it with someone 🙂

My prediction that it wouldn’t be a very popular piece was 70 percent off.

It’s a play that quite a lot of people will enjoy watching. The regular price of the ticket is 35000 won, but I think you can buy it cheaper on the reservation site. I think it’d be good to go watch it when you want to refresh yourself.

It’s been a while since I came out to Daehak-ro after the play, but I didn’t want to just go, so I went to a nearby cafe.

They gave me a ticket and a discount coupon for a nearby cafe, so I went there.

I came back home after controlling the aftertaste of the play with a cup of tea, wearing a mask and getting off.


Opera House Etiquette and clothing

It is basic to enter the opera house formally.

Casual clothes are okay, but most people wear dresses or suits.

There is an opera scene in 007 Quantum of Solace, and he almost wears that kind of outfit.

I watched it with my grandmothers in the same room, and they were dressed like they were in a movie.

Etiquette and clothing-

1. It’s basic to wear a suit. But since we’re tourists, let’s dress casually

2. Too light clothes such as sweatsuits, crocs, white sneakers, slippers, and shorts may be restricted from entering.

3. You can leave your clothes, so if the weather is cold, you can wear a padded jacket and leave it.(It’s a little hot indoors)

4. Let’s keep clapping after the performance. Until the actors come on stage and say hello (very long)

5. The opera claps at the end of the curtain

6. During the 근처 스크린골프장 performance, vibration is prohibited from taking pictures, so don’t turn on your cell phone because you’re curious about the time or Kakao Talk.

7. Let’s not move because there’s an empty seat in front of us.

8. Be careful not to cause noise (such as plastic bags)

– Unfortunately, there are no Korean subtitles.

There are English subtitles and Japanese subtitles.

If you reserved the concert, let’s read the plot of the concert and read the commentary.

It’s much better than just looking.

It’s good to print it out and read it before the show starts.

– You can see the performance well in an expensive place.

The second row on the second, third and fourth floors looks like more than half of the stage (the second row on the stage is not visible because of the wall) and you can see it standing up.

You have to listen to the sound and watch it with subtitles.

It’s better to see it on the 4th and 5th floors to see it cheaply.

You can buy tickets on the same day at a low price in line before the performance starts, but you have to wait about 2 hours.

After the performance, the actors come out one by one.

Half of the people on the first floor are leaving and half are giving a standing ovation.

I think we can take pictures then. Many people are taking pictures on the first floor.


10 types bad manners in the theater

Today, I gathered 10 types of people who want to concentrate on watching their favorite movies in the theater, but there are always one person who watches them

Have you done any bad manners in the theater that you don’t know about yourself but make the other person feel bad?

1. Type of sound intake

First, there may be personal differences, but when you’re watching a movie in the theater and you’re concentrating, you’ll see it in the direction of the sound when you touch the popcorn with your hand, and when you suck in the coke, you’ll get distracted and you won’t hear the lines

For another example, when you eat popcorn, you eat it while saying, “I don’t know if you’re eating it, but the other person might get sensitive, so please be considerate of the other person watching the movie. If you eat it quietly, thank you very much!

2. Types of spoilers

It’s really good to watch the movie again among those who watch the movie again, “OO will die soon” and “It’s going to be like that there.” It’s really good to watch the movie again, but when you watch it for the first time, you can give a spoiler about what will happen next to the person Some of you might think that other people besides your acquaintances can’t hear you, but I can hear you Very well. (even if it’s an acquaintance X

Also, even if it’s not a movie theater, spoilers are never X
If I get a spoiler, I don’t have the energy to watch a movie.

3. “That Tsk Tsk” Audience Type

Next, people who react like watching dramas or entertainment programs at home, such as “hahahaha (applause)”, “There’s nothing like that,” and “Oh my gosh,” which are often seen regardless of age, are included in the audience.

When you watch a 3D movie, when you act like that, you sometimes hit the person in front of you. When you watch a movie in the theater, please be considerate so that the audience in the front, side, and back seats won’t be harmed!

4. Type of cell phone touch from time to time

Every day I watch a movie, I always touch my phone with the light on my phone in the dark theater It’s good to touch your cell phone because of the urgency, but there are still many people who check Kakao Talk, reply to text messages, and check the time after watching the movie. They say they don’t see you, but when the light shines, they can’t focus on the moviecrying

Cell phones must be silent or airplane mode!
Turning off the power is the best answer.

5. Type of phone conversation

“I’m watching a movie. Hang up!””
Yeah, yeah. It’s okay to touch your phone

But why are you talking on the phone while watching a movie?

If you talk on the phone while watching a movie, the audience around you will be so concerned that you won’t be able to see the important scenes (…), even if it’s urgent, don’t pick up the phone at the theater. It’s theater etiquette to go out for a while and then re-enter!

6. Type of excessive affectionate couple

The theater is the only place where families, friends and lovers of all ages can go to see each other, but sometimes I see couples who touch each other too much when they come, and I’m a little jealous

Theater is also a theater, but in public places, excessive physical contact!Please consider the three-way position of Eun and refrain from it little by little by little.

7. The type of person who hits with his foot in the back seat

Some people sometimes put their legs up because there’s no one in front of them like the picture above, but the most unmannered behavior in theaters is that the backseat audience is the most likely to touch the front seat with their feet!

Of course, when you change the direction of your legs or cross your legs, you often bump into each other, but there are many people who just tap for no reason. Also, there are people who shake their legs next to you!! I don’t watch movies alone, so I think it will be a good theater culture if you are considerate of each other

8. Type of bathroom in and out

It’s okay to go to the bathroom once or twice, because sometimes I drink too much coke, so I’ve been to the bathroom once or twice often!

But the problem is that there are people who come in and out more than four times. Of course, I don’t object to going because you’re in a hurry But if you go back and forth when there are people next to you, the person watching the movie might get annoyed, so don’t go to the bathroom too much. Just a couple of times?I think is appropriate The best way is to do all the work before going in and focus on the movie when you watch it!

9. The type of person who shoots an eating show with various foods

Most of the food they sell at the movie theater is popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and drinks. They sell things that are easy to eat at the movie theater. Other than that, there are people who buy food from other places and eat it

We buy chicken, hamburgers, and other foods that are not sold in movie theaters, and the smell of foods that poke people’s noses reduces the concentration of the movie. Bringing in food outside is not a legal problem, but please refrain from bringing in food that smells bad and big for others.

10. Type of discussion with the person next to you

Finally, it’s okay to discuss the movie moderately lightly, but frequently ask, “What’s wrong with that?”, “I don’t understand. Tell me.” There are often people who talk to the person next to you while watching a movie. You may be curious about this, but please focus on the movie and discuss it afterwards!


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